Good Food Communities (GFC) provides a framework for grassroots coalitions to prioritize 4 equity outcomes in their policy and organizing efforts, and for participating public institutions to give preference to food vendors and suppliers with shared principles. 

Bring Good Food to Your Community

Build on the successes that many local coalitions and national organizations have had in passing the Good Food Purchasing Program.

GFC Campaigns

Our collective impact can redirect billions of dollars to sustainable, fair suppliers and transform our food system. We are a broad coalition of national, local, and regional organizations representing millions of people who eat, produce, process, deliver, and serve the food in our country, and are led by grassroots leadership from Buffalo (NY), Chicago (IL), Cincinnati (OH), Gainesville (FL), Milan (MO), New York City (NY), and Oakland (CA). Meet the local coalitions that are leveraging the Program to support a more equitable food system for all.

GFC in your community

Interested in implementing GFC in your community? Contact Jose Oliva at the HEAL Food Alliance for more info!