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Do you envision a transition to food economies that work for people and the planet? The Good Food Communities campaign is part of a comprehensive plan for a just transition that prioritizes transparency and benefits frontline communities, working people, and the planet. Send us an email and learn how to get involved!

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Good Food Communities provides a framework for participating institutions to award points to vendors and suppliers practicing principles of racial and gender equity, giving them preference and increasing their likelihood of winning institutional contracts.

Why Good Food Communities?

Food contracts are often awarded to larger food corporations or food service corporations, who perpetuate, and profit from, a model of food production that’s characterized by institutional racism, pollution of our air, water and soil, and exploitation of frontline workers. Leveraging tax dollars that are spent on these contracts, to invest instead in supply chains that provide a living wage to frontline workers, protect communities of color from heavy food polluters, and provide contracts to small producers of color is one way to reverse this trend.

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GFC in your community

Interested in implementing GFC in your community? Contact Jose Oliva at the HEAL Food Alliance for more info!